5 Reasons Why You Should Play Kakuro

There are many kinds of puzzle games you can play. From sliding picture puzzles to AAA video game titles focused on puzzle solving and many others. However, some classic puzzles will remain relevant to a certain demographic of enthusiasts and players regardless of how many new and fresh puzzles will come out.

Kakuro is one of the most notable number puzzles that is recognized all around the world. Along with other puzzles such as Sudoku and Hitori, they are well-known among older puzzle players and communities with their classic design and gameplay.

While it is true that a majority of Kakuro’s player base is on the older side, that doesn’t mean new players can’t try it out for themselves and enter the domain of Kakuro fans. So why should you play Kakuro? Here are several reasons why!

1. Refreshes Your Basic Addition Skills

Kakuro is a number puzzle that works like a crossword and relies heavily on logic and addition. The number clue on each row and column is a given sum that needs to be reached by adding digits between 1 to 9. Through Kakuro, you can refresh basic addition skills by playing an entertaining puzzle. You don’t even need to play the larger and more complicated Kakuro puzzle grids—you can always play at your own pace and convenience. The number logic in Kakuro works well as long as you know how to count and add.

2. Easily Accessible Like Kakuro Conquest

Kakuro is one of those types of puzzle games that don’t need much. There are no complex devices, online subscriptions or any expensive materials. Thanks to its original design, you can play it with just a sheet of paper, a pencil or a pen and a reference puzzle. Cheap Kakuro puzzle booklets are also available in most known bookstores, and you’ll only need something to write digits with. Online Kakuro puzzles are also readily available throughout the internet, with so many free sites to choose from, like Kakuro Conquest!

And unlike most modern games, an online Kakuro puzzle doesn’t strain a device or your internet data usage. With how simple the game is, users don't need to concern themselves with ping statistics or a long load time. Just search up any free Kakuro website or server you prefer and you jump straight into the game.

However, it's important to keep in mind that, unlike the logic-based puzzle of Sudoku, Kakuro does need the knowledge of basic addition, so it's best not to have very young children play it.

3. Good for Stimulating the Brain

Any kind of game can stimulate the brain, but number puzzle games like Kakuro are a lot better. This is because it makes a person think carefully to avoid any errors and get the sum they want. Brain stimulation is especially needed for older people as age is relative to mind degradation, and Kakuro entertains and sharpens the mind through constant playing. Pattern recognition makes your mind better as you continuously sift through digits and letters, and this is important in preventing dementia and other mental problems in the average person in the U.S., Canada or any other country.

4. It Is Calming and Satisfying to Play Online Sudoku Puzzles and Kakuro

Like most puzzle games, Kakuro also has patterns and recognizable gameplay flow. To many players who have continuously solved Kakuro puzzles, the process can be very therapeutic. The moment you get that first number clue right is when the other numbers just start falling into place. Once you’ve played the game yourself and solved your own puzzles a few times, you’ll definitely understand the satisfaction of seeing blank cells and knowing exactly what to do when it just clicks in your head. This sense of knowing and success is also why most number puzzles continue to have their diehard communities.

5. Many Variations and Nigh-Endless Amount of Puzzles to Play

Kakuro is a game that many enthusiasts never get tired of, just like those who play online Sudoku puzzles and Hitori puzzles. There’s almost an infinite amount of puzzles to solve, and there are many variations to tinker around with if the standard gameplay loop starts to get a bit dull. KenKen, for example, is a more math-heavy variation of these number puzzles (some even have x powered by problems in them, and some mathematicians even created offshoots that focus on algebra) that many scholars of the hard sciences prefer to play. Killer Sudoku is also another preference of Sudoku players who still want to play in the familiar grid but want more challenging gameplay.

There’s always a good reason to play Kakuro, and these are just some of the most prominent ones. So don’t hesitate to play online Kakuro puzzles yourself and see whether it clicks with you!