The Final Frontier

Internet…check.Video Games…check.
Chip installed into your brain that allows you to play Kakuro whenever you think about it…not quite.With the exception of the last example, which is admittedly a bit on the extreme side, Kakuro has conquered (see what I did there?) just about all possible mediums in which someone could conceive of playing Kakuro. Phones, Computers, XBOXs, PS3s, Gameboys have all transformed into outlets for you to satisfy your Kakuro addiction. However, as deep as Kakuro has snuck into the technological bloodstream, there are always some further reaches waiting to be tapped. So, let’s explore some of these untapped areas a bit and see if there is any potential for a Kakuro Conquest (Official “Cheesiest Statement of the Year” nominee).Magazines-A weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever other publication of various Kakuro puzzles, stories, and profiles on some of the more interesting people that play Kakuro.Product Placement- Can’t you just see Bruce Wayne playing Kakuro as Alfred prepares him his breakfast after a long night of Batmaning? Or perhaps Don Draper as he indulges in his typical mid-morning drink before getting back to fulfilling his roles as an advertising executive and a chauvinist? How about Jeff Probst using Kakuro as a test for staying on the island? The options are endless.E-Newsletters- Basically the same idea as the magazine but in digital form.Billboards- Studies show that the best time to play puzzle games is when you’re driving…it’s science.

Airplanes- Seriously, why don’t airlines give you more in the way of entertainment on domestic flights than an uninteresting magazine, a catalog, and the back of the vomit back? They should throw in a booklet of puzzle games like Kakuro to provide entertainment for the thinkers out there.

Brain Chips- The greatness of this idea speaks for itself.

So what do you think? Are any of these feasible? Do you have any ideas? We’d love to hear them.

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